Bachelor Thesis: create schedule

The bachelor thesis is not only the first thesis, but also the first scientific study which students do completely independently. It forms the crowning achievement of the bachelor and therefore has high weight for the overall grade. Although students learn to do scientific work while they are still studying, many fail to do so. When writing a bachelor thesis, the right time management is particularly important. Most undergraduate students are under pressure of time just before submitting the bachelor thesis.

Create the schedule from the beginning

It is impossible to turn back the clock, so it is all the more important to set a timetable right from the beginning and to follow it. The schedule contains milestones of the work to be completed in a given period of time. In the meantime, pauses should also be scheduled at the end of a certain time buffer. In this article you will learn how much time you need to plan for the individual work steps of the bachelor thesis.

The 6 phases of the BA

The bachelor thesis is divided into 6 phases. These phases and the required working time are described below. Depending on the degree program and the subject area, the basic conditions of the bachelor thesis are different. The page number and the processing period may vary depending on the university or the structure of the program. For this reason, the following is the time expenditure of the individual phases in%.

1st orientation phase: 10%

At the beginning of each bachelor thesis a topic as well as a supervisor has to be found. The choice of topic is about finding ideas that you personally find interesting. It’s very hard to edit a topic well if you are not really interested in it. Have your maintainer take a look at your list of topics. The supervisor answers open questions and also gives helpful tips regarding literature and structure.

The next step is a literature search. Get an overview of the current state of research in the library or online resources. Collect notes about helpful books, chapters and authors. It is also important to check the availability of individual works and, if necessary, to make reservations or pre-orders.

If you have decided on a promising topic, you must write an exposé. In the exposé important points are recorded and the conception of the work is presented. This gives your supervisor an insight into your approach and also serves as a common thread in the preparation of the bachelor thesis. Open the criticism of the supervisor to your synopsis, so you can benefit from his experience. At the end of the orientation phase, you should be familiar with all requirements regarding the deadline, the processing time and the scope of the work. Inform yourself also in which form and how the delivery takes place.

2nd initial phase: 15%

In the second phase, the bachelor thesis will start correctly. After registration of the work at the examination office, a detailed literature search will be carried out. Use the previously found literature and expand on the number of sources. Evaluate the literature and record your findings in writing. At the same time, the source specification should also be noted according to the specifications of your university.

3rd breakdown phase: 15%

The third phase serves to structure the bachelor thesis: You should organize and structure existing material. All important aspects must also emerge from the outline. The structure of the work must be meaningful and conclusive. At the end of the outline phase, you will create a final outline, which should not be changed except for minor subtleties.

4th writing phase: 30%

Start by writing the introduction. Based on this, the collected information from the initial passage is written in the writing phase. This includes the theoretical basis and the methodology. The lyrics do not have to be perfect linguistically, but they should reflect the structure and content of the work. If you also conduct an empirical study, data collection will also be done in the 4th phase. Collect all the data you need to answer your research question.

  1. Evaluation phase: 10%

In the evaluation phase, the empirical data collection should be completed and the results of the study should be available. The evaluation of the results always goes hand in hand with an examination of the literature. Find relevant matches with results of other studies and what are the consequences for your question?

  1. Correction phase: 20%

In the last phase, the correction is made. Get help from fellow students, friends or relatives. For example, the review of the work by an uninvolved prevents the risk of spelling and typing errors. Compliance with scientific citation rules should also be considered. Use the time first to make improvements. Also edit the layout, there are also many different options. Finally, the bachelor thesis goes into print. Note the opening hours of the printing house. Allow sufficient time to process your order. Also, before submitting the work, review the printed version to determine possible misprints.

These 6 phases give an overview of how much time you have to plan for the individual work steps. This should give a rough overview of the time required for the bachelor thesis. The exact timing depends on the requirements of your university regarding the processing time. Here’s an example of a 3 month edit time.