How important is a job application photo?

The opinions on application photos are very different today. While in other countries an application photo on the CV is strongly discouraged, for others it is still a recruitment criterion. Here you will learn how important a job application photo is. We have put together a few tips that will help you to make the perfect application photo.

With the entry into force of the General Equal Treatment Act, application photos should also disappear from the scene. Employers face a high punishment if they suspect that they have not hired a candidate because of skin color or gender. However, employers do not miss the opportunity to make initial decisions about the person based on application photos. This is justified by the fact that in the job advertisements such photos are not explicitly required.

An application photo is still a good first impression that potential employers get from the various applicants. Since one does not know each other personally before, HR specialists can use a photo to get a first impression of the applicant. Although they are not allowed to hire or reject a person based on the application photo, these photos are still welcome as a first impression today. You can use a good application photo to give an impression of how you look at others.

What to look for in a good application photo?

To get a good application photo, you have to consider a few points. First of all, it is important to have the photo taken by a professional photographer. This usually knows best, what is important in a good application photo and what employers like to see. He also knows something about his subject: he knows how best to illuminate the picture and how your strengths are revealed. He can use his camera and equipment excellently to put you in the spotlight. Remember that the photographer also gives you a digital version of your photos. This will allow you to attach your application photo to applications that run on the Internet without having to scan it first.

Personnel and employers quickly notice when the application photo is a snapshot from a past vacation, or a self-made selfie. This type of photo is evidence of unprofessionalism and gives the impression that you did not care much about the application. The background of the application photo should be monochrome, and not too bright color. That would only irritate and distract from you as a person.

The application photo should not show the whole body

But it should not be the format of a passport photo. The best neckline is from the head to the shoulders. It is important that you keep eye contact with the camera in your application photo. Do not smile and hide your face behind your hair. Too much make-up is not welcome; but also here it depends, to which place you apply. Mostly, however, a natural look is preferred to a “disguise”.

It is also important that the application photo is up-to-date

It should not be older than a year. Finally, potential employers want to get a picture of you as you are now, not as you were years ago. A job application photo is not about beauty, but about communicating your own strengths and knowledge.

In the choice of clothing, it depends on which job you want to apply and in which industry you want to be active later. A suit does not always have to be, but is expected in many areas. From a shirt or a blouse, many companies still go out. If you want to get into a bank or a high position, you should grab to shirt and suit. Even a tie is not a must; But you should wear one if it is later part of the work clothes. It helps to dress in a similar way to the application photo as you planned for the job interview. So the potential employer is not surprised by other looks.

Whether the photo is printed in black and white or in color doesn’t really matter

Color photos are common today. But black and white photos can also have a good effect on your future employer.

Of course, good applications are not just about the quality of the photo. The overall impression must be right. All in all, you should give the potential employer the feeling that you are the one or the right person for the job, and that you want to tackle new challenges with full motivation.